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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Verizon Offers Free Cell Phone Upgrades after Two Years

As the Cell Phone Upgrade Info blog mentions today: Verizon has extended the period they require customers to wait for a subsidized cell phone upgrade to 2 years.

The increase for cell phone subsidy prices means customers can't get a reduced price upgrade until 24 months instead of the previously allowed 20-month wait time.

As CellPhoneUpgrade.info mentions, Verizon has long touted 2 years as the contract length and amount of time it takes for an existing customer to get a new phone. So not much is really changing. Customers can get a free upgrade cell phone every 2 years, or use the subsidy for a more expensive phone. For example, a $599 retail smartphone might only be $199 if the customer waits 2 years and cashes in the upgrade subsidy.

Friday, January 25, 2013

UltraCellSaver Relaunches Free Cell Phone Upgrade Site

In a bit of news that should be of interest to our readers, phone upgrade powerhouse UltraCellSaver has announced a relaunch of their site, which focuses on upgrade offers for ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

We have included the press release and have reached out to the owner of UltraCellSaver.com for comments in addition to just publishing the standard press release.

Ultra Cell Saver says:
"I had to take the site down temporarily due to hosting issues. So I decided to freshen up some of the content and re-focus. The focus of the site is really upgrade offers for existing customers, but the vendors really don't make much effort to fill support for this niche, IMHO.

Most potential cell phone customers are already cell phone users. They are either just going to upgrade their phone with the current carrier or switch to another carrier for a better deal. While some of the providers are near-monopolies, I think the threat of a switch should be enough to provoke some more effort on the part of carriers to retain existing users. Online vendors should recognize this. I believe the lack of agent support for the niche is costing the major vendors $2-3 million in sales, based on my research.

Here is the press release we ordered from DeadlyPr:

UltraCellSaver Offer Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

UltraCellSaver.com are extremely proud to announce the launch of their new and enhanced website. Since their business first launched, Ultra Cell Saver have been giving power to consumers who are looking for cell phone upgrade deals. Now, in an attempt to better serve their visitors, they have redesigned the website to show all of the information in an easily view able manner. Their front page lists all of the information visitors need to know about getting better cell phone upgrade deals. Currently, Ultra Cell Saver actively collects and scours the internet for the best deals. They list opportunities where consumers can pick up completely free phones – including smartphones in some circumstances.

Because Ultra Cell Saver works with different carriers, they are able to present and display the absolute hottest offers from around the United States. As their page explains, consumers are able to pick up great AT&T phones, and other phones for just a mere $0.01 when taken out with a 24-month contract.

To learn more about Ultra Cell Saver and their selection of cell phone upgrade deals, head over to: http://www.ultracellsaver.com/