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Friday, May 27, 2011

Free AT&T Upgrade Phones and Penny Upgrades for Existing ATT Customers

All major wireless carriers now offer online upgrades for their existing customers. In the old days ( a few years ago) if you already had a cell phone and wanted to stay with the same wireless phone provider, you had to go into your local company store or talk to a CSR on the phone. What made it worse was, as an existing customer, you knew you were paying more for your new phone than new customers. Carriers worked on new customer acquisition. They made new phones cheap to hook new customers. If they already had you, they figured they would keep you.

Some things changed, like wireless number portability. If you want to keep the same phone number and don't like your existing carrier, you can take it with you. Some carriers also began offer deals, like Verizon Wireless and their New Every Two. Verizon started offering the "free phone" deals on upgrades, sometimes with an extra 50 or 100 buck discount.

So now anybody can order a new phone as an upgrade, but what you really want to know is: Where are the FREE Phone Upgrades? Fair enough. By far most visitors here are looking for free phone upgrades for AT&T. You will be glad to know, that despite ATT upgrade deals becoming harder to find, there are many ATT phone upgrades available online for a penny.

In fact, after doing a search I found no less than 30 AT&t penny upgrade phones available from Amazon Wireless right now. AT&T free phone upgrade deals include: AT&T HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Focus Windows phone, LG Quantum Windows AT&T, BlackBerry Bold 9000, and around 30 others.

Prices and available are subject to change at any time, but you will probably be able to find some type of free or penny upgrade phone that you like. For AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile upgrade shopping, click on the carrier links near the top of the page. See below for the featured AT&T upgrade phone.