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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Test Post and Domain Change from Freecellphoneupgrade.info to freecellphoneupgrade.blogspot.com

For various reasons, we decided to revert back to the blogger url for this blog
freecellphoneupgrade.blogspot.com and drop the domain freecellphoneupgrade.info

I am making a test post now to see if the blog works, because every time I tried to view the blog in Blogger it kept going to the obsolete domain name.

Anyway, we hope to re-start blogging on "Free Cell Phone Upgrade" info and share more articles on this subject.

Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Update It Is Very Hard to Find Free Cell Phone Upgrades But Penny Phones Still Exist

Many of the online wireless dealers that have been offering "free cell phones" for the better part of two decades have switched from the "free" phone model.

As you probably know, the cell phone carriers all want to get you hooked on their service contracts, usually locking you into 2 years of monthly cell phone bills on a wireless contract. The free phone was always the hook. If you sign an agreement for wireless service, your cell phone could cost you nothing.

Of course, along came consumer demand for more expensive premium cell phones, smartphones specifically. A lot of the pricing models have adjusted.

Some carriers have gotten away from the free cell phone offers completely or added options to pay extra every month to cover your phone upgrade.

However, we have found that there are still carriers and online cell phone dealers offering close to free cell phone upgrades.

Replacing the free cell phone upgrade offer, you can still find many new cell phones available to existing customers for just the cost of a penny upfront.

A penny cell phone is pretty close to "free," and we are going to give you this link for penny phone upgrades. Please refer to this link as we will always update it with the best available online dealers. If a dealer or offer changes, we will update this link with the most current online deals.

Best Current Online Cell Phone Upgrade Deal (Right now it's Amazon Wireless): Amazon Wireless Cell Phone Deals

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Verizon Offers Free Cell Phone Upgrades after Two Years

As the Cell Phone Upgrade Info blog mentions today: Verizon has extended the period they require customers to wait for a subsidized cell phone upgrade to 2 years.

The increase for cell phone subsidy prices means customers can't get a reduced price upgrade until 24 months instead of the previously allowed 20-month wait time.

As CellPhoneUpgrade.info mentions, Verizon has long touted 2 years as the contract length and amount of time it takes for an existing customer to get a new phone. So not much is really changing. Customers can get a free upgrade cell phone every 2 years, or use the subsidy for a more expensive phone. For example, a $599 retail smartphone might only be $199 if the customer waits 2 years and cashes in the upgrade subsidy.

Friday, January 25, 2013

UltraCellSaver Relaunches Free Cell Phone Upgrade Site

In a bit of news that should be of interest to our readers, phone upgrade powerhouse UltraCellSaver has announced a relaunch of their site, which focuses on upgrade offers for ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

We have included the press release and have reached out to the owner of UltraCellSaver.com for comments in addition to just publishing the standard press release.

Ultra Cell Saver says:
"I had to take the site down temporarily due to hosting issues. So I decided to freshen up some of the content and re-focus. The focus of the site is really upgrade offers for existing customers, but the vendors really don't make much effort to fill support for this niche, IMHO.

Most potential cell phone customers are already cell phone users. They are either just going to upgrade their phone with the current carrier or switch to another carrier for a better deal. While some of the providers are near-monopolies, I think the threat of a switch should be enough to provoke some more effort on the part of carriers to retain existing users. Online vendors should recognize this. I believe the lack of agent support for the niche is costing the major vendors $2-3 million in sales, based on my research.

Here is the press release we ordered from DeadlyPr:

UltraCellSaver Offer Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

UltraCellSaver.com are extremely proud to announce the launch of their new and enhanced website. Since their business first launched, Ultra Cell Saver have been giving power to consumers who are looking for cell phone upgrade deals. Now, in an attempt to better serve their visitors, they have redesigned the website to show all of the information in an easily view able manner. Their front page lists all of the information visitors need to know about getting better cell phone upgrade deals. Currently, Ultra Cell Saver actively collects and scours the internet for the best deals. They list opportunities where consumers can pick up completely free phones – including smartphones in some circumstances.

Because Ultra Cell Saver works with different carriers, they are able to present and display the absolute hottest offers from around the United States. As their page explains, consumers are able to pick up great AT&T phones, and other phones for just a mere $0.01 when taken out with a 24-month contract.

To learn more about Ultra Cell Saver and their selection of cell phone upgrade deals, head over to: http://www.ultracellsaver.com/

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free ATT Phone Upgrade Deals

I posted previously about free ATT phone upgrade deals. Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Let me give you the bad news. I'm having a harder time finding free cell phone upgrade deals for AT&T. I'm still seeing a lot of free Verizon phone upgrades and a few free upgrade cell phone offers for Sprint and T-Mobile. It seems like for a good cell phone from AT&T you are going to have to dish out just a little more cash. Now here's a little better news I think. Fortunately there are a lot of smartphones and other new ATT wireless cell phones starting at 1 penny. I'm sorry to bring you this bad news, but I'm sure if you find an AT&T cell phone you really like, you can dig deep for that penny. In addition, I've also found a cell phone web site to recommend specifically for AT&T cell phone upgrades. That web site for upgrading cell phones is http://www.ultracellsaver.com/. The reason why I recommended Ultracellsaver.com is because their site specializes in upgrade cell phone deals for ATT Wireless. It is obvious from their history that the web master has a particular interest in this cateogry and has spent a lot of time learning about upgrading cell phones online.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Free AT&T Upgrade Phones and Penny Upgrades for Existing ATT Customers

All major wireless carriers now offer online upgrades for their existing customers. In the old days ( a few years ago) if you already had a cell phone and wanted to stay with the same wireless phone provider, you had to go into your local company store or talk to a CSR on the phone. What made it worse was, as an existing customer, you knew you were paying more for your new phone than new customers. Carriers worked on new customer acquisition. They made new phones cheap to hook new customers. If they already had you, they figured they would keep you.

Some things changed, like wireless number portability. If you want to keep the same phone number and don't like your existing carrier, you can take it with you. Some carriers also began offer deals, like Verizon Wireless and their New Every Two. Verizon started offering the "free phone" deals on upgrades, sometimes with an extra 50 or 100 buck discount.

So now anybody can order a new phone as an upgrade, but what you really want to know is: Where are the FREE Phone Upgrades? Fair enough. By far most visitors here are looking for free phone upgrades for AT&T. You will be glad to know, that despite ATT upgrade deals becoming harder to find, there are many ATT phone upgrades available online for a penny.

In fact, after doing a search I found no less than 30 AT&t penny upgrade phones available from Amazon Wireless right now. AT&T free phone upgrade deals include: AT&T HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Focus Windows phone, LG Quantum Windows AT&T, BlackBerry Bold 9000, and around 30 others.

Prices and available are subject to change at any time, but you will probably be able to find some type of free or penny upgrade phone that you like. For AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile upgrade shopping, click on the carrier links near the top of the page. See below for the featured AT&T upgrade phone.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

When it's Time to Upgrade What do you do with your Old Cell Phone

So you've decided to upgrade your cell phone. Well, what does that mean you should do with your old cell phone? You have many options, really. You could give it away to a family member. You could sell it on eBay. What I often do is keep mine as a backup in case something goes wrong with my new one. I do this ( as long as the old cell phone is compatible with my current service going forward)with my old phone when I upgrade.

I guess the most important thing is to do SOMETHING rather than just throwing your phone away. You or someone else can benefit. You can sell the phone and get money for it. You can recycle your cell phone ( some stores will accept your old phone when you upgrade)or donate it. Some police departments and local government collect old cell phones and modify them to only call 911. Then they donate emergency cell phones to the elderly. Whatever you do, know that just because you have outgrown your phone does not mean the old one is not valuable.