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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Update It Is Very Hard to Find Free Cell Phone Upgrades But Penny Phones Still Exist

Many of the online wireless dealers that have been offering "free cell phones" for the better part of two decades have switched from the "free" phone model.

As you probably know, the cell phone carriers all want to get you hooked on their service contracts, usually locking you into 2 years of monthly cell phone bills on a wireless contract. The free phone was always the hook. If you sign an agreement for wireless service, your cell phone could cost you nothing.

Of course, along came consumer demand for more expensive premium cell phones, smartphones specifically. A lot of the pricing models have adjusted.

Some carriers have gotten away from the free cell phone offers completely or added options to pay extra every month to cover your phone upgrade.

However, we have found that there are still carriers and online cell phone dealers offering close to free cell phone upgrades.

Replacing the free cell phone upgrade offer, you can still find many new cell phones available to existing customers for just the cost of a penny upfront.

A penny cell phone is pretty close to "free," and we are going to give you this link for penny phone upgrades. Please refer to this link as we will always update it with the best available online dealers. If a dealer or offer changes, we will update this link with the most current online deals.

Best Current Online Cell Phone Upgrade Deal (Right now it's Amazon Wireless): Amazon Wireless Cell Phone Deals

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