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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Verizon Offers Free Cell Phone Upgrades after Two Years

As the Cell Phone Upgrade Info blog mentions today: Verizon has extended the period they require customers to wait for a subsidized cell phone upgrade to 2 years.

The increase for cell phone subsidy prices means customers can't get a reduced price upgrade until 24 months instead of the previously allowed 20-month wait time.

As CellPhoneUpgrade.info mentions, Verizon has long touted 2 years as the contract length and amount of time it takes for an existing customer to get a new phone. So not much is really changing. Customers can get a free upgrade cell phone every 2 years, or use the subsidy for a more expensive phone. For example, a $599 retail smartphone might only be $199 if the customer waits 2 years and cashes in the upgrade subsidy.

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